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Fiona -



Why does my tea not include actual crystals? - it is not safe nor necessary to ingest physical crystals. No-one can guarantee the entire life cycle of crystals and what they have come into contact with, so we choose to use the vibration of the crystal to charge the tea instead. It is just as effective and has all the same benefits if not more! 


Why can't I see the certified organic logo on your website? Unfortunately only the original blender of the tea may use the certified logo. If you'd like to know more about our tea specialist and where its blended please drop me a line! I'd love to send you more information if you're interested. 

Bio-degradable and Recycled 

What is biodegradable and Recyclable? Teabag, interior polybag and mailer bag are all biodegradable. Canister, flyer and postcard are all recyclable. 


Enquiries welcome! I am only doing small batches atm so have limited quantities but happy to chat. Please send me an email xo Fiona -

Missing Orders

AUSPOST can take 5-10 working days to arrive. You will have received a shipping confirmation once it was sent. Express shipping - this takes 2 business days within Australia. More info on shipping please visit the Australia Post website!

Returns & Refunds

If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with your tea, please email me at and we can find you a solution. 

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